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Here we go again :D Random Jackpot ;-)
I can't believe it! Smile
I've made only a $36 deposit at the first time without any bonus and started with 20 cent bets, like i always do.
My balance was down to $0,48 and then i get the free spins and could at least go up with my balance.
Had some good hits and and upped my bet size first at 40cent then 60, then 80 and then $1 and i played for some hours to hit this beauty again Smile
I had never so much luck in my life and i've played in online casinos since 15 years, but 3 jackpots within 3 weeks and the last two jackpots even within 23 hours, that's really a dream for me.
Cashed out $4,100

[Image: djwyQsp.jpg]

[Image: Cg4759k.jpg]
Crazy that you got 3 jackpots in 3 weeks haha and they aint small either Big Grin big gz mate!
wow dude congrats thats some crazy run of luck there
Yeah should consider playing the lottery
wow I would loke to have such a thing one day! I`ve just started to play. Congratulations!
Wow i think i might start playing these rtg slots Big Grin
Be like Nike 'Just Blaze it' Big Grin

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