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NYspins SCAM
Hello yall,
I deposited 500SEK on NYspins and took my Second deposit bonus of 100%.

Somewhere in the middle of wagering, i would raise the bet from 37.5 to 50. I accidentally raised the coinvalue instead of level, so bet was 75SEK. And i started 10 autospins, i saw it immediately but it took 2 spinns before i turned the autospins off. 

Now, after clearing the wager doing really good i withdrew 15.000SEK and saved 6000SEK balance to keep on playing. Those 6000SEK got to 19.000SEK+ and i felt it was time to go to bed, feeling really happy and satisfied. (best day ever!)

The day after i got an email saying that i have cheated, basically, and they removed my balance of 19.000SEK and the 15.000SEK withdrawal. In total, 34.000SEK. Just because of a misstake i made doing the wager.

What should i do now? I feel so scammed..... I mean, if the check the history, they will clearly see that it was 2 spins ONLY. AND i didnt win anything on those 2 spinns!! I wrote them a mail about it, but they say "rules are rules" and wishing me a nice weekend. I nearly exploded!!! 

I have been playing slots for 15 years and i have never ever been treated this way!
Again, what should i do? I want my fcking money, and it is A LOT OF MONEY!!! At least for me...

Fredrik Jensen
Im very sorry to hear this bro,I think what you should have done was contact them as soon as you did the spins and explain them what happened so you wouldn't have any problems laters.Anyway it is very low from them to take your money and luck from 2 spins it feels like crap but they can do it becouse you accepted to their agreements and you broke it Technically saying.I hope after your new email maybe they can at least get you the winnings before you made the bet back !
I feel your pain that's allot of money! you should have contacted support immediately..
But if you broke there terms and conditions of the max bet even by accident its still against the rules Sad
Not a scam though but shame on them if they did not offer any goodwill or anything?

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